Joseph Malone
Software Architect & Engineer
Joseph Malone is a Software Architect & Engineer in the realm of full-stack JavaScript. He has a deep background in moving ideas from the drawing board to interactive and meaningful applications. He offers the ability to effectively think outside the box to solve complex architectural and engineering problems throughout this process. Always looking to utilize his skills and lend a hand, he eagerly pursues the next challenge that presents itself.
2017 - Present
Careexpand, LLC ‧ Chief Software Engineer
Led the company's Engineering Team. Collaborated with the CEO on company vision and direction. Designed the application's architecture around Node.js, Express, Redis, MySQL, VanillaJS, and jQuery, in light of modern concepts. Translated design ideas and concepts into a working application.
2016 - 2017
Careexpand, LLC ‧ Software Engineer
First engineer and employee of the startup. Collaborated closely with Careexpand's CEO and Founder in the early phases of the company. Developed a full stack JavaScript application for the startup's pilot product.
2014 - 2017
University of Dallas ‧ Student Research Intern
Designed and developed, in conjunction with a Philosophy professor, the Textual Analysis Tool web application. This tool increases students' understanding of philosophical texts by streamlining the analysis process, aligning original text and commentary, and enabling custom interactive analysis features.
2013 - 2014
Sandia National Laboratories ‧ Summer Intern
Developed a Python API for REST and RPC requests, facilitating communications in a distributed software package. Led team in design and development of a UI to aid analysis of network traffic using port-agnostic methods. Developed information accessibility modules in workflow software.
Software Architecture
Think big picture. Before even the first line of code is written, you need to understand how your application will be structured. We've all been there before. We have launched an exciting project and, halfway through, have gotten bogged down in a mess of code. With years of experience in the field, Joseph can help you accurately and efficiently architect your application with a solid foundation.
Creative Problem Solving
Approach problems differently. Issues often arise which are not easily tackled through common means. Do not reinvent the wheel when it is unnecessary; rather spend time finding solutions to the unique issues. Joseph has the ability to think creatively to find those unique solutions to these problems.
Software Development
Just build it. Applications require code that is built well, is maintainable, and is scalable. Joseph has over ten years of experience developing web applications. He has contributed to both the front end and back end for many projects. He brings connecting APIs, databases, session management, UI, and UX together. He is deeply steeped in VanillaJS and jQuery, while being attentive to and applying many of the modern framework concepts.
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