Joseph Malone is a Software Engineer at Careexpand in Dallas, TX with a focus in Node.js. He has a BA in Computer Science and Classics from the University of Dallas as of May, 2016. He has prior experience in software engineering and web development and contributes critical thinking and problem solving skills in a professional environment. He is particularly interested in embedded systems. Joseph has been developing applications and websites for the past nine years. Below is a quick summary of his skills and projects.

In high school, he participated in several Science Fairs, including one on "Hands-Free Mouse Control Using Accelerometer Tilt." In this project, he developed algorithms in Python to convert accelerometer tilt (caused by head movements) into mouse movement and clicks, winning Third Award at the 2012 International Science and Engineering Fair.

More recently, he has been developing the Textual Analysis Tool, an application for the analysis of philosophical texts, for a Philosophy professor at the University of Dallas. This application places the text and commentary side by side and provides the user with several tools with which to interact with the text. Click here for a demo of the UD Textual Analysis Tool.

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  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Projects
  • Websites
  • Additional Projects
  • Languages
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, XML, AJAX
    Python, Java
  • Core Skills:
  • Website Development, Software Engineering, Relational Databases
  • Content Management Systems
  • WordPress, Joomla!
  • General "How-To" Knowledge
  • Computer and Printer Setup, Basic Networking, MS / Open Office